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7 Signs Of Great Leaders

Leadership qualities are very different from behaviors. These essential qualities would define how great a leader is.
7 Signs Of Great Leaders

Great Leaders are often a scarce commodity to come by. A manager becomes a great leader only if they have a set of qualities that determine how they treat themselves and others. Seven attributes can be seen with every successful leader. They might excel differently at these seven habits but for sure they would have these gems.


"Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real"

Leaders are down to earth, don't like to boss around people. I know it's a dream in most cases; I have come across such leaders in my career. A designation in society is often a responsibility to serve and these leaders know that. They do not undermine the capability of anyone and always humble in their interactions. Often you will see them interacting with utmost respect to each and everyone in the room. These leaders value their staff the most and all decisions and policies would be driven with their consensus. Most organisations thrive for such a model with varied success levels since the ego ruins most of the outcomes.


"We need diversity of thought in the world to face new challenges"

A true leader wouldn't be afraid of hearing out everyone in the room, regardless of their experience or tenure. If a person cares and values each one's opinions that leader is a diversity-oriented leader. They would give importance to the merit of the idea being discussed and not on who it is coming from.

Great Listeners

“The single most important key to success is to be a good listener”

Most achieved leaders are habitually good listeners. I have seen quite a large population of people who have to say something about everything. It doesn't matter whether they know anything or much about the topic that is being discussed. We are given two ears and one mouth. It implies that we should do more listening than actual speaking. Good leaders tend to be listening more and not necessarily blowing their trumpet on every opportunity they get. Have you come across someone who keeps irritating you in meetings like these?


“You always pass failure on the way to success"

Some humans are very positive and it can be felt if you spend just 5 minutes with them. A true leader would not only be glowing with positivity but giving out positivity to others around them. Any problem is half solved if the person approaching is beaming with positivity. These leaders tackle problems with greater zeal and they find solace in resolving them. If you see such a leader, don't think twice to be associated with such a person.


"Caring is being available"

Some leaders always remain super busy. Only a handful of people are allowed to see them and will lend ears only to them. I believe a great leader should always be available to everyone in the organisation. To listen to their gripes, their complements, or for a regular chit-chat, they would make themselves available. I remember one of my bosses who used to take a stroll in the cube-aisles while remembering most of their names. He would be engaged in discussions, jokes with them. That is a reflection of true leadership.


“It takes courage to create a meaningful life of integrity. It also requires good company. And practice”

Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is around. I heard this quite early in my career and yes, those leaders who have high integrity would not cut corners. They will only do the right things that benefit people. It doesn't matter to them whether it produces quick results or profits to the business. If you see a leader without this essential quality, that leader is toxic to the entire organisation. It hurts in the long run for everyone. Honesty to yourself is the very fist quality every human being should have.


“Only you hold the key to your true potential”

There is generally too much emphasis on charisma playing a greater role in senior leadership career path. This is so over-rated. Sure, the charisma gets anyone the first minute of attention. However, if it is not backed up with substance, the interest will fade away very quickly. So if your leader has substance in thinking, potential to achieve things, that is what should be viewed as higher quality. Charisma alone doesn't get anyone winning races. The advantage of all such leaders who have the potential is that they could unlock the potential of their staff as well.

Here, I think these are the 7 essential habits, qualities great leaders should have. They drive them to success and drive them to the masses equally.