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Protect Your Privacy

Web surfing brings up privacy issues and here is how you mitigate.
Protect Your Privacy

There is a plethora of paid and free apps available in the android eco-system. There are many of them that I use regularly. I am most worried about my privacy because all the AI induced behavioural learning is poking our privacy and 'all what we do is open out for them to fathom'.

Adguard (Free)

Let's agree on the fact that internet is plagued with advertisements and we outta be worried about privacy issues as well. Adguard is one such app which would solve that problem for you. It helps you to avoid most of the advertisements (& protects your privacy) that creeps into your applications like facebook, general internet browsing etc. They do have a paid version but for all practical purposes, I found the free version to be sufficient.

I'm more worried about the privacy issues than the advertisements itself. Websites track our browsing patterns, doing behavioural analysis, injecting advertisements based on what we search. It's sheer intrusion of our privacy. Remember the time when you searched for something and clicked on that Amazon link and later the same thing popped up in facebook?

Yeah, I'm talking about that !

This app seems to cut it down to a larger extent.

You can install it directly from adguard website. You won't find it in the Google playstore because google probhits applications which block advertisements (Surprise, eh??)


Follow the link above and get it installed.  

On to safe browing...