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Two Must-Have Skills For You

Two key skills that help everyone in life.
Two Must-Have Skills For You

Education choices in India are rather limited IMHO.  Students opt for PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths,Biology) or PCMC (Computer Science). The intention is to go out, become either an engineer or a doctor.  Career choices are not only these in today's world. More about that later.

These two skills students could self-learn during this pandemic. That is without leaving your home.  

Typewriting - Learning to type in a computer keyboard is an inevitable skill. The right way to type! Almost everyone today tend to use a computer and the speed determines how well you get things done. It's not for competitive exams but aids in every day use as well. There are many ways to learn typing. There are various avenues to learn this and I attribute my speed to learning to type.


Check out this as well for your typing speed => https://www.keybr.com

The above is a free online tutor for typewriting and looks pretty good. They have both a basic and advanced session, just how you'd find in a physical class.

Learn a programming language - I can vouch for the fact that skills in programming is not only for computer programmers. After a while it shapes you to think logically. Approach problems in a systematic way. Solve them in steps instead of approach it without knowing where to start and where to end. To master this as a habit, programming languages help a lot. The easiest and most relevant to learn would be Python. Python is an interpreted language used to solve various modern day problems. Python is used for solving Statistical problems to network socket programming.

There is not one, but various sources to learn python. Launch google and search for "learn python for free". You'll see many institutions have free online video classes catering to python learning.

These two can be acquired by anyone but helps budding kids to make the most in their future for sure.

Happy learning.