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Want Ad-Free YouTube?

YouTube Vanced is an application that would allow you to watch YouTube Videos without advertisements.
Want Ad-Free YouTube?

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006. Today it is estimated that they make that money every 3 weeks!

YouTube makes money by showing us advertisements. However, do you enjoy the ad breaks that ruin the continuity? I think it's a wrong model to start with. Video as a media is quite immersive when you're indulged and I believe all Video does not have any interruptions at all.

If you're on Android, there is a way you can watch YouTube ad-free. If you're still hooked, read on...

YouTube Vanced

Vanced is an unofficial YouTube binary that is supported by a community of enthusiasts in the android world. Android being so open, we do get benefits like these. As obviously, this is against Google interests, so you won't find the app in the Play Store. Vanced not only blocks ads, it does provide you a lot more functionality.

Head over to - https://vancedapp.com

You'll see Vanced Manager, download the application. Vanced Manager is the application that helps install YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music.

Go to your applications in the android phone and disable the inbuilt Google YouTube.

Install the Vanced Manager application, if needed provide the permissions to 'Install the application from browser'.

Once that is installed, launch the application and install YouTube Vanced. Every time there is an update to YouTube Vanced, you can upgrade straight from your manager application.

If it's easy following a video, here's one I found on YouTube itself :-) The audio isn't great but hopefully, you'll be able to see it and get it installed.