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Why you need a God

There is a God, but why you need a God? Self-reliance in times of distress and not depending on God isn't a sin.
Why you need a God

I am an Atheist!

That said, let's take at why you actually need a God to live in this world. Most humans in the world actually go through four stages. Young, Youth, Middle-Aged and Old.

Different people have different notions about God in each of these stages. Some are tutored from childhood that there is a God who is the almighty. He who created the world and he sustains the world. Just borns do not have knowledge of the god and thus they do not fear god. Along the way, it is an element that gets engrained into the minds of people that there is someone out there who created you and is bigger than you in all respects. He governs what happens to us, he decides for us, he would punish us for our deeds, the list goes on...

I perceive God as support. When you are in difficult and dire situations, you need support to hold you on the right path. Make the right decisions and be bold to face the life in front of us. The concept of God helps those in need, as it reinforces the brain that, come what may, at the end God will take care of you and direct you towards the right path.

Can't a friend help? Hmmm, something to think about...

Maybe we are too prejudiced? Remember - the god is supposed to be above all and our mortal friend is not!

You are down, you have had a loss. Isn't it a good thing to depend on God to help you soothe your sorrow and lead you on the path of righteousness? I believe it does help, by leaps and bounds. It doesn't make you weak. I think we humans can take all the help in the world that we can get.

Just that, don't argue with me about the existence of a superpower that is going to help me or punish me.

That's all.

Just that some of us, who believe in logic and believe there isn't an entity named God isn't doing things any differently. It is a different kind of strength, we do assume that godly power is within us and we can decide the right and wrong in our life. If one is convinced from a very young age, it helps mold the personality in such a way that we are strong enough to face our difficulties. We wouldn't need an image, poster, or a statue to help us find our strength.

The intention of this read is not to push you off but to recon of such possibilities. It is indeed possible to live our lives without the reliance of God.