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Safari or Chrome or Edge?

Choice for browsers are abundant and all of them comes with pros and cons. Which one do you use?
Safari or Chrome or Edge?

Browser wars are famous and here are some statistics to get you started as of now.

Browser Statistics (w3schools.com)

Google Chrome continues to dominate the internet and rightfully so, for the features, speed and tighter integration with the Google ecosystem. However, take a minute and think it over. Anyone who has privacy concerns should think twice before using a browser from Google.

Next in line comes Safari. Apple watches over you a little less than what Google does! They are serious about privacy and with the latest version of Safari, you could also see the trackers that are blocked over time. There is even a privacy report that you can generate. I work on different machines, Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone. The problem with Safari is that it only supports the Apple ecosystem. For example, you won't be able to run Safari on Windows today. That is a no-win situation for me.

Third inline comes Microsoft Edge.

I want a browser that is Google Chrome-like but without privacy issues. Now, Edge comes from Microsoft and obviously whatever data they collect doesn't go to the Google servers. That is a relief. Edge is based on the Chromium core which is what runs Google Chrome as well. So it is well suited for all types of websites from a compatibility point of view as well.

I also want a browser that works on Mac, Windows, Android & iPhone and yet sync all my bookmarks, states etc. So Microsoft Edge fits the bill. Edge works flawlessly on all of these devices and I sync my bookmarks on all these devices too.

The other advantage of Chrome is the fact that there is an elaborate list of productivity or social extensions that you can add to Chrome.

Now, I get almost all of that on Microsoft Edge also. Remember, they are both powered by Chromium at the heart.

Two must-try extensions which I use are;

AdGuard AdBlocker


If you are on a Mac, there is not a browser in the world that would give you the performance of Safari. That is a given because Apple knows their hardware and software very well. On Mac, Safari gives you tighter integration and maximum battery performance as well. Edge isn't bad too, maybe not as efficient as Safari, but it stands up pretty close. It is not a concern to me anymore.

If you want to give Edge a try - Download From Microsoft

What is your browser preference? Do comment.