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10,000 Steps A Day

Walking has never been my forte but I still managed to do it consistently for over 100 days.
10,000 Steps A Day

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.”Friedrich Nietzsche

I always had a problem with exercising. I could do anything but not spend a stipulated time to exercise my body and I would play soccer, badminton, or cricket but I used to wonder why kids my age go to the gym to tune their bodies, while I was in my adolescence.

Last 3 and half months, I have walked over 400 KM's, spending well over 6700 minutes. That is half a million steps covered.

It is said that the Japanese devised the ritual of walking over 10,000 steps a day to help keep mental and physical health in check. I also read that there is little scientific proof behind that but at that time one of the physicists came up with this mantra to help boost the general health of the Japanese population. Regardless, I find it very refreshing, and being able to do that for the last 100+ days without faltering is a great feat considering how hesitant I am when it comes to walking.

Plus, being able to spend that time effectively doing multiple other activities as well, listening to audiobooks, reflecting thoughts, etc pays well as well.

All in all, I did notice the general wellness go high, and am able to sleep well, think well, cope up with difficult situations much better. I never imagined I would attribute so many benefits to walking but here I'm reflecting upon the same. The single best thing that happened to me during the pandemic is that I start walking more!