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My Walking Journey Contd.

Walking continues to be a stress buster of all times and I did up my goals a bit this year.
My Walking Journey Contd.

Hello Again... It's been an entire 8 months since I wrote written anything here with the usual excuses of a busy life. This year indeed has been a bit busy for me on the personal front and I had to regroup and focus a lot more on the things that mattered to me the most. One of my daughters had to undergo multiple surgeries and it took a toll on our lifestyles entirely.

So I did have a brief pause to the daily walking and now am back into full action again on walking the distance.

From June onwards I setup an ambitious goal for myself, to walk 10 KM a day, regardless of the busy schedule or the other needs; I must treat myself to this distance by walk. So far it is going great and I have been covering 10 KM on a daily basis without a break.

Well, what can I say.. this is going to be a short note and wanted to get back into the habit of scribbling often.

Until next time. Bye...