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How Confident Are You?

Confidence is an essential quality of leadership. Stop doubting yourselves.
How Confident Are You?

Confidence should be at the helm of everything we do to succeed. Be at the workplace or in personal life. The more confident you are, the more successful you will be!

Every time you are put in a new situation, your confidence will get tested. Not by anyone else, but your inner-self. Remember the fact that everything that we know and do today was once new to us. We did go through it to become what we are today. Every time you go through a new phase, do your best judgment based on past situations in life and make choices.

Then if it involves others, fake it till you make it.

Your body language and approach to the solution don't need to accompany with the fact that you're not sure. Remember, nobody cares except you. Everyone will care for the solution and not necessarily your state of mind when you made that decision.

Many times, we lack confidence because there is an inner critic within ourselves. The critic questions our decisions, choices and thus creates confusion.  It affects our overall confidence level. Any decision that is taken with a confused state of mind will be ineffective.

There is an element of apprehension that keeps questioning our choices. It will remain within yourself suggesting that probably wasn't the right decision. This daemon stops us from attaining our full potential.

Start questioning the inner critic. Just like there are two sides to everything, we must learn to deal with self-criticism as well. Hence start questioning. Do that scares you regularly. If you can do that one thing that you're not confident about daily, eventually you will realize that the self-doubts are unfounded.

Assume that you are afraid of heights, you'll avoid every single opportunity to be in such situations. Now, that reinforces your inner lack of confidence about heights. The only way to mitigate that is to see for yourself. Most of our fears are unfounded however we will never know unless we embrace that state of change. It takes multiple attempts to nullify unfounded principles like these.

Break it often so that it becomes a habit and you will no more be worried about making those decisions. Your self-confidence will be at a paramount level.

Remember every problem has a multitude of solutions. There is no one good way to approach and mitigate. The more situations you face, the more confident you will be!