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Read Your News Quick

News reading doesn't have to be boring. It could be nice, simple & quick. Use these two tools and increase your productivity while still not missing out on the news.
Read Your News Quick

How do you get your daily dose of news?

Unless you are of the habit of reading the News Papers, there are great alternatives on your phone.

I like to use 2 tools for my news reading on a daily basis. The first thing in the morning, I try to get a glimpse of what is happening around us using 'Inshorts'.

Inshorts is a free app to read the news in short as the name suggests. In their own words, news should be concise that can be told from a person to another in a very short time. You're guaranteed to be appraised of every headline in less than 60 words. It is created for the mobile generation. Get it for your device using the links below.

It has a simple card-like interface where the news is delivered and you can swipe through cards to go from one news to another.

Feedly is an RSS aggregator. It can collect all news (much more than that) and get your daily feed. If you like to read news from your favorite digital newspaper, like Times Of India, The Hindu, India Today, etc., this serves as a single platform where you will get all your news aggregated.

Instead of opening 3 different applications, you could just do with one. Like I said, it's much more than that. Say you like to read the tech blogs or life blogs, you could subscribe and get the news delivered to Feedly and you can read it at your own pace. Now, today or tomorrow, it will be there.

They have a free version and a premium version as well. The free version is more than enough. Follow the links to get it for your device.

Go ahead and give it a try, it's worth it. You'll thank me.