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The Virtue of being Happy

We tend to search for happiness online as a commodity, while all of it is within ourselves.
The Virtue of being Happy


People searched this 6 billion times in google search! according to a Forbes article.

I understand why people find it difficult to be happy and back in time, was in that same boat as well.

You know, you don't need the virtue of being happy taught to you. When we were kids, nobody taught us to be happy but then we knew how to be happy. Most of the times we were happy and thriving.

Somewhere along the path we lost the art of being happy?

We grow up worrying about two things. Am I doing the right thing and what will others think of me. Making mistakes is perceived to be a sign of weakness and is not tolerated in the society. Next is perception, what would others think? The world is so busy with their own problems and they don't have time to peak into your lives and judge. Believe me.

Here is a five pointer to remain happy on any given day.

Celebrate small wins -
Amplify the power of joy at no cost to anyone, if only you can that ! It doesn't hurt anyone, including you. When you celebrate small wins, it soon becomes a habit. The repetitive nature would ensure you keep this behaviour for the times to come. The hormone boost helps us circumvent the most difficult of our challenges. Try this once, you'd appreciate it.  

Gratitude -
I guess it goes without saying that whatever we have in this life is a gift. Darn it! this life itself is a gift... Be happy for what you have than to worry about things that you don't have. I know, I know, you'll start defending yourselves now. You aren't the person who goes behind the gory stuff of life, you are quite happy with what you have.

Remember the time when you said

If only I had that, I would be better...
If I had studied in that college, I would be rich by now...
I am not good at this, so I can't do that...

The question is, are you content with your life. It takes a great deal of courage to admit but if you did, then it is easy to find gratitude in life.

Friends -
I'm not going to preach you to leave all your friends behind. Real friendship doesn't come out of strategic decisions or planning. Though, you are who you surround yourselves with!
Everybody has a bunch of friends. A lot of happy going folks, a bunch of sorrow hunters and some confused ones too.  Be in the company of easy going friends. The ones that take life casually and those who don't bicker around for most of their lives. If you keep yourself in such company, believe me; you'll be happy too. You will take back the vibe with you and get a good night's worth sleep all the while. I have my school whatsapp group, where we all meet in the night and spend more than an hour talking sheer non-sense. It gives me chuckles because that is the time I spend doing nothing.

Have a Hobby -
From the busy life of yours, you need to have a different avenue where you spend your energy. A hobby at any age is a great deterrent. Focus your energy on doing something that is totally unrelated to your life chores. I love aquariums, the planted aquariums actually take up a lot of your time. You will be trimming the plants, feeding the fish. Fertilizing, water changes etc take up a lot of time. It is a lot of energy and it innately gives me a sense of achievement and calmness. On any day, there isn't a sight that gives you pleasure and take you to zen mode than watching floating fishes.

True Love -
Love yourselves first. We tend to love people for who they are to us or how they love us back. That isn't true love. If you could love someone for what they are. Even though you get mad at them at times but still accept them for their virtues. That my friend, is true love. Everyone ought to have at least one person like that in their life. I have three. The affection you have for them would turn you into a positive person. A positive person not only radiates that but happiness too.

I like to believe that we are touring the earth. Every moment, try to remain happy and content. All our troubles aren't worth sweating. Regardless of what, it too passes...